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ASUS Maximus VI Impact, the next step in high performance

admin Aug 8

The Mini-ITX motherboards are largely the next step in high performance equipment at a fraction of the space that occupies a normal board and with models like this will miss some larger models.

ASUS Maximus VI Impact-1

when looking for various components for assembling a Gaming rigt usually my personal computers have been compacted over time, meaning they have gotten smaller. I have the luck of having tried many Mini-ITX motherboards in recent years and have been fortunate to enjoy the great progress this format has made in recent generations.

ASUS Maximus VI Impact

But the leap with this motherboard is really remarkable, quality sound, quality overclocking and very simple, support for the latest technologies, next generation wireless, overclocking utilities for those who spend days  testing configurations and excellent performance in all the senses. It is a dream of Mini-ITX motherboard and its price, hovering around 200 Euros, or around $239.99 U.S  the price is quite attractive for a very high compact performance mother board.

ASUS Maximus VI Impact-3


The motherboard has some interesting hardware features for overclockers. On-Board Power Button, POST display in the rear and the usual buttons in the ROG range such as scheduling upgrades, the ASUS ROG Connect even a MEM OK button to start compatibility mode of memory that rarely fails. All this built on a panel at the back of the plate so that is always accessible. Plus I like the detail that once initiated POST display system temperatures to us in real time.

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