ASUS just announced the TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S Limited Edition

Those looking to upgrade their motherboards should take a look at what ASUS just released, we are talking about the TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S , a Z97 motherboard with a finish certainly that looks very striking because of its white color guard. This latest motherboard from ASUS has several TUF features and will be limited production.

As we can ses, has “thermal armor” with a control valve to optimize air flow, plus 2 for thermal radar intuitive adjustment of fans.
Clearly focuses on the control of temperatures, it also allows you to monitor and control the rest of the system such as temperatures and fan speeds. The components are highly durable and incorporates dust caps to prevent particles from air entering through external ports.
Sabertooth Z97
Lazygamer, says

The TUF design features a pretty interesting dual-fan calling solution, hidden underneath an arctic-camouflaged cover that aims to boost least dissipation around the CPU. The on-board ICe microchip also delivers precise temperature information, allowing you to really tweak your overlooking experience to a tee.

Sabertooth Z97-1