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ARM unveils new processors for next year, can do 4K video and games

admin Feb 2

Technology moves so fast and in a few months we can now find much more powerful processors in our devices, ARM has just released information about its next processor, namely the Cortex-A72. The leap in power and efficiency will be very large. To avoid confusion we must clarify that ARM does not manufacture, but it does makes is to design and license the processors.

Currently almost all of the processors for phones and tablets are ARM. We are talking about the Cortex-A72, a stunning 64-bit 4-core processor manufactured at 16 nm up to 2.5 GHz designed for high-end devices, and consumes 75% less energy and up to 3 times more powerful than the Cortex-A15 . The GPU accompanying such processor is the Mali-T880 the company promises that the jump in video performance will be very large, allowing games and movies to run at a resolution of 4K. More things that we find: ability to record and playback video at 4K and 120 fps, games and graphics-performance like those of consoles.

We are sure to find the Cortex-A72 in some high-end Windows Phones, but we have to wait until next year. In the short term we have to settle with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, it seems that soon we will see a Microsoft Lumia with said processor. We talked on more than one occasion that Windows Phone does not need the latest, but many users when they pay for a high-end phone want the most powerful device available.

It remains to be seen which other processors will be released for middle and low range devices.


The Cortex-A72. ARM is targeting a core clock of 2.5GHz for the Cortex-A72 and it will be built using a 14nm/16nm FinFET+ process.


“Our new premium mobile experience IP suite with the Cortex-A72 processor delivers a decisive step forward from the compelling user experiences provided by this year’s Cortex-A57 based devices,” said Pete Hutton, executive vice president and president, products groups, ARM. “For multiple generations, together with our partners, we have delivered the leading-edge of the premium mobile experience. Building on this, in 2016 the ARM ecosystem will deliver even slimmer, lighter, more immersive mobile devices that serve as your primary and only compute platform.”


arms-cortex-A72 1

arms-cortex-A72 2

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