Apps to record your desktop in Windows and Mac

During the course of the week in our download section which is devoted to programs and applications such as one to record or capture your desktop, we commented some free and paid applications that allow us to perform this action, which is of paramount for us and useful when we want to do video tutorials, a video for a vlog, capture games to display our achievements, among other things.

In this post, we will do a collection of applications from the likes of: Screen Flow, Screenr, Ezvid and FRAPS.

Screen Flow

ScreenFlow, an excellent program developed by Telestream, a leading company in charge of creating solutions for recording, playback and streaming audio and video, which is available exclusively for Mac and is available for download in the Mac App Store at a price of $99, although the price is high, it has very interesting features that allow you to record your desktop in a professional manner, as it also includes a complete video editor with effects, sequences, animations and other aspects that will leave you in control of the action with just a touch.

The following are its main characteristics:


  • Record your desktop, yourself from your webcam and audio from a computer or from a microphone
  • Capture videos in FullHD
  • Keynote and PowerPoint support, so you can also record your presentations
  • Intuitive interface that lets you add 2D and 3D animations, video annotation, zoom, among other options.
  • Possibility to export the video to multiple formats
  • Option to publish directly to YouTube and Vimeo, or export a Flash presentation format.
  • Complete integration with Elgato Turbo H.264


Screenr is a powerful and easy tool that will allow you to perform video capture of everything that happens on your screen or in specific parts resulting in simple but attractive screencasts that we can share on social networks like Twitter or send the link to friends by email or Facebook.

The screencast that result from this application may be embedded in web sites so they can be used to record instructional videos and video tutorials. Obviously also support audio and one only has to select the audio source that we will use to sync with the video.
Screenr only require that you log in with your Twitter account to let you start using this application that runs entirely from the web so you do not need to install applications on your computer that you have no idea of ??its origin.


Ezvid is one of the best programs for Windows that lets you record your desktop in an easy and simple way and it also incorporates a powerful video editor for us to prepare our recordings with effects, titles and have a professional look outside of the norm. Ezvid works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, so you will not have any problem with compatibility issues and best of all, you do not need any registration or subscription, as it is a 100% free.

If you still do not knowEzvid Free Screen Recorder & Video Editor, do not worry, because this program is well known within the gaming community, allowing them to record game screens with tremendous ease and share their achievements and abilities in different social networks. But that does not mean you can not use it, and thanks to the highly polished and elegant interface, Ezvid becomes a viable alternative for all those who wish to record a video, screen capture your desktop or similar as it also support the function, further complementing its functions.


FRAPS is a benchmark program for 3D applications or games that allows us to capture images or video of the action we take in our PC games. It runs in the background and can be set to start on par with the operating system or with the game to allow us to capture screenshots of the game but it can also record the game screen.

One advantage of FRAPS is its low resource consumption but although this should not be used to record long periods as it tends to add a little lag to games and therefore slows down its correct operation. The program offers a higher yield if the VSYNC function is disabled.

Fraps can capture video at resolutions up to 7640 × 4800 pixels moving from 1-120 frames per second so you can be pretty sure that we will not lose any detail of our game if we want to record video

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