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Apple patented a new kind of Mac without display but with a smart projector

admin Dec 12

The Patent and Trademark Office in the U.S. has issued 51 new patents from Apple that reveals that the Cupertino company is working on a new generation of machines described as “a new category of computers based on projection.

The content of the patent details a computer – wireless and desk free that would not require much physical space for use, but will use every available vertical surface to project the screen.


“This development will place the computer where you want, at a table or desk, but also on a shelf, on the floor or even suspended from the ceiling or a wall”, says the text.

The computer would have the same power as a laptop or desktop. The smart projector allow the computer to be used anywhere as long as it has a surface on which to work on was found.

The projector can also be configured to function as a portable cinema by disabling all options except DVD, for example. It would also be able to calibrate the image and correct color to achieve the highest quality based on the sensor data.

The smart projector could be used with computers and peripherals such as wireless keyboards. It could also be loaded with or without cables.

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