Apple now wants to compete with Spotify

The Cupertino company is working on a streaming service to personalize the music charts. Meanwhile, closes details for the expected launch of the iPhone 5 this week

The company, founded by the late Steve Jobs, is negotiating to license a new music service that will be, very different from iTunes. The approach would be similar to Pandora, the most popular free music station in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The service lets you listen to songs on the Internet based on the user’s interests and tastes, ie custom-configured lists as suggestions-automatically from what you hear. Thus, it is possible to learn about new bands or artists of the same style.

The goal would be for Apple, to be like Pandora, the platform that is accessible both from a browser, or from an application on a mobile device, either through phone or tablet. Rumors indicate that even the app could be in the next generation of iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computers

Although it would be rather like Pandora or Last FM, Spotify is not out of the danger of encountering the its titanic rival. In fact, to have licenses to play songs without downloading-streaming-, could be one step away as a break through with a similar tool.

The iPhone 5 will come out this Wednesday

Last week, Apple made a formal invitation to an event in which, presumably, will unveil the highly anticipated smartphone. “It’s almost here,” said the message distributed to the press.

According to multiple leaks and rumors in recent days, the iPhone 5 should have a touch screen larger than its predecessors, and tailored to the fourth generation LTE mobile that promises to be faster.

The new device should hit stores in late September and analysts expect a huge demand. According to AFP news agency, citing the Piper Jaffray bank experts, up to 10 million phones could be sold in the week after launch.

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