Apple launches 5 USB-C adapters for the new MacBook

Do people really have the need to connect that many devices to their Macbook ?

With the recent news about the new Retina 12-inch MacBook, a new category of ultra portables is out and is even competing in weight and size with the very iPad, and if the original MacBook Air caused quite a stir with removal of its optical drive, this new model could pose similar reactions due its single, tiny USB-C port.

I have no doubt that for many it will suffice, but Apple has had to cover all its bases (as it did that day when it announced an optional external optical drive for the Macbook Air) with a series of five USB-C adapters.

USB-C to USB Adapter, $19

Currently it is virtually impossible to find serial accessories designed for the new Intel reversible connector, so this adapter is practically a must buy cable if you aspire to connect an external hard drive, your iPhone or iPad. The end is USB 3.1 Gen 1, which means you can get transfer rates up to 5Gbps with compatible devices.

apple usb c 1

USB-C digital AV Multiport Adapter ($79)

At the presentation yesterday, Apple stressed the nature of the “all in one” USB-C connector and they did not lie. With this adapter you can connect to a monitor your MacBook via HDMI 1080p, another USB accessories (and yes, it is again compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1) and a USB-C cable that also charge the laptop all at the same time.

apple usb c 2

USB to VGA-C Multiport Adapter ($79)

Essentially identical in every way as the above model, except instead of an HDMI port we find one VGA port.

The multiport adapter USB to VGA-C adaptor allows you to display the screen of your MacBook on a TV or monitor with VGA up to 1080p HD. Can also be used for multimedia content such as movies and videos. Simply plug the adapter into the USB-C port on your MacBook and then to a TV or projector using a VGA cable (sold separately).

apple usb c 3

USB-C Apple Power Adapter with 29 W ($49)

Neither more nor less than an identical power adapter that came with your MacBook in its case. By itself does not do much unless you may have to replace the original after misplacing at an airport (factual).

apple usb c 5

USB-C Transfer Cable ($29)

Finally, the other half of the equation of power adapter, the USB-C 2 meter cable with USB connectors at both ends. As in the previous models it comes included one in the box of the MacBook, so its main use is as a replacement or to use as a second set cable / charger to leave home or at the office.Th

This cable can also be used to synchronize and transfer data between USB-C devices, and although Apple says is compatible with USB 2, in theory it should comply with USB 3.1 Gen 1 or above devices.

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