Apple is said to release iOS 8.2 starting today

Thanks to the release of Apple Watch yesterday, you now have to download and install iOS 8.2, Tim Cook also mentioned that the Apple Watch App will be included in this upgrade.

This is not sitting well with some users, as they don’t see any use for it, assuming you actually do have an Apple Watch and what is worse is that you can’t delete it and it takes up space in your iPhone or iPad.

However some are suggesting that there may be benefits.

The Health app has received eight updates including, perhaps most significantly for those of us here in the UK, the ability to select units of measurement for distance, height, weight, body temperature and blood glucose. This means those of us who work in metric, or a mix of imperial and metric, can finally select the units that make sense to us.

The iOS 8.2 update also fixes some bugs in Mail, Flyover in Maps, Music, VoiceOver and small fixes to the iPhone Hearing Aids.

Finally, iTunes has received two bug fixes, as has Calendar, while Exchange has received three. A full list of all 12 bug fixes can be seen below.

iOS 8.2 now available 1

Here is the complete list of fixes found in iOS 8.2

iOS 8.2 now available 2

iOS 8.2 now available 3

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