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Apple iPod Touch 2010 (8GB) : Complete iPod Specs, Feature & Price Cost

admin Oct 10

The Apple iPod Touch 2010 device is a fourth generation ipod of 8GB. It comes with improvements and updates.  Apple comes with a camera on the front panel along with a built-in microphone and Retina Display as well as a gyroscope sensor. The device is light to carry. The users will find it best among its counterparts.


Apple iPod Touch 2010 is similar to its previous models. It is constructed with a chrome steel finish on the back. There is a pinhole microphone for entertainment purposes. The camera is designed only for doing video recording. The users can produce frames. It is built-in with a five megapixel sensor along with an LED flash and HDR support.


The ipod runs on an A4 processor. It is designed with a display that imparts 960*640 pixel resolutions. Surfing is fun on a 3G connection.

Apple iPod Touch 2010 boosts built-in microphone. The device boosts a mono microphone located on the back to deliver sound quality equally in different directions.

Not only this, there is a FaceTime video calling facility that comes in association with Voice Memos application as well as third party Voip. The users will require a headset or microphone.

The device boosts its camera which is capable of recording about 720p at the rate of 30 frames every second. The video can be edited using an iMovie editor.


Apple is excellent in its operation. It is famous for its video quality as well as audio and plug or play flexibility.

Gaming experience is superb. The display is impressive with a three axis gyro sensor. The performance increases through an A4 processor.

Apple iPod Touch 2010 runs on remarkable battery which provides long duration of audio playback as well as video playback. Battery life is sufficient for daily requirements.


Apple ipod is a latest device. It is excellent for remarkable audio quality. The device is available between $223.00 to $229.99.

Apple iPod Touch 2010 (8GB) - Complete iPod Specs, Feature & Price Cost

Apple iPod Touch 2010 (8GB) - Complete iPod Specs, Feature & Price Cost


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