Apple Introduces New iPod nano and new iPod touch

Besides presenting the new iPhone 5, Apple also had the luxury of revealing the new generation of iPod. This is a new iPod nano and new iPod touch.

iPod nano: bigger and lighter

The iPod nano (top) gets a couple of changes in its body and now looks more like its big brother, the iPod touch. The new changes involve a 2.5-inch display, the presence of a start button, two buttons for volume control on the side and is also the thinnest iPod of all, not to mention it’s also the lightest in spite of having increased the size of the screen.

What does not change is that it remains geared to people who like listening to music. It has Bluetooth, FM tuner now allow0s us to pause, ie if we are listening to the radio, we can pause transmission and a minute later we can return to continue from where we left off and that moment will not be lost. If you like to exercise it also has a pedometer and Nike +. Like the iPhone 5, the new nano will also have a Lightning connector and a full charge should last about 30 hours.

It will be sold in October for $150 and will be available in 7 different colors.

The new iPod touch

The iPod touch iPod touch remains in all its essence as it is oriented to the multimedia world. It has a 4-inch Retina display, 5 megapixel camera that records in Full HD, uses an A5 processor (the same one that carries the iPhone 4S) and also has Siri, the voice wizard of Apple. Of course it also includes a Lightning connector, and now more than ever an iPod touch looks like an iPhone, but still can not make calls.

The new touch features Bluetooth and its battery lasts about 40 hours if you only listen to music, falls to 8 hours if we use it to watch videos.

Also be sold from October for $250 and will come in five different colors.


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