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Apple interested in buying Barnes & Noble

admin Jul 7

Apple is considering buying the famous bookstore chain Barnes & Nobles as a ploy to strengthen their iBooks.

The large catalog of books and electronic publications would give Barnes & Noble a valuable difference to the somewhat weak ebooks business and Apple would deal a blow to the main player in this market, Amazon. The Cupertino can kill two birds with one stone with all assets relating to the Nook e-readers.

The apple company could expect to pay between 1,000 and 1,500 million dollars for the retailer shelf. With the nearly 76,000 million dollars that Steve Jobs has in cash, the purchase would barely put a dent in the bank.

The information has been published by the website BGR, thanks to an anonymous source claiming to be close to the apple company.

The informant also claims that in September, during the Apple conference is where news can be heard of its line of iPods, and of any updates to iTunes, connecting with IOS 5 and icloud  and supports the ability to read iBooks and rent books to read.

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