Apple estimates an initial demand for Apple Watch to be around between 5 and 6 million units

Apple is once again shouting with joy as its new toy is about to be released, we are talking about the Apple Watch of course, with a release date for April 2015 , the new Apple smartwatch is eagerly coveted by many iPhone users, but until today we had no Apple estimates on the initial claim on its numbers figures. Now the mystery was unveiled as according to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Apple estimates an initial demand for its new Apple Watch that around between 5 and 6 million units.

Apple has asked its suppliers in Asia to make a combined five to six million units of its three Apple Watch models during the first quarter ahead of the product’s release in April, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple Watch Sport will start at $349. Apple hasn’t announced pricing for the other models, but Apple Watch Edition is expected to be among the most expensive products the company has ever sold, likely surpassing the $4,000 Mac Pro computer.

They indicate that Apple expects its watch to far outpace other wearable devices, from Samsung Electronics , LG Electronics , Sony, Motorola and a host of fitness trackers. Research firm Canalys said last week that just 720,000 smartwatches powered by Android Wear, Google ’s operating system for wearable devices, shipped in the last six months of 2014.


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