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Android Tip: Add Google or Gmail accounts on Android 2.3

admin Dec 12

You can now add more than one account of Gmail or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync by following these steps:


1. On the home screen “desktop of you device, go to Menu “all applications” > Settings > Account and sync > Accounts and sync settings

2. Press “Add account” on the button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Choose one account: “Working account” or “Google”.

4. Follow the steps that appear on the screen (To enter the account information). All accounts need a username and a password. However the details very depending on the type of account and on the configuration of the service you connect to, needing server information, for example pop3, smtp, etc if they are normal email accounts.

How to configure account:

Depending on the account type, you must configure the information that you want to synchronize with your phone, naming the account and more actions. When you have finished, the account will be added to the list on the screen “Accounts and Sync settings”. According to the account configuration, the contacts and other information on the device will begin to synchronize with the email accounts.

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