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An iPhone for only $99, Apple unveils new iPhones

admin Sep 9

For the first time ever, Apple has introduced two new iPhone models.

An iPhone for only $99, Apple unveils new iPhones

For the first time ever, Apple has introduced at the same time two iPhone models. The 5S , with the first 64-bit processor for a mobile phone and fingerprint reader , and 5C, the much rumored “low cost” iPhone. The phones, subsidized in the U.S., can be purchased for $99 ( the 5C ) and $199 ( 5S ) with two-year contract. No prices were announced for the free market.

Once again, the expectation was high. Although attention this time was divided between two locations on two continents: the Apple campus in Cupertino and the newly opened Apple Store Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, where it gathered most of the international press for days to cover the IFA technology fair.

The rumors, as always, had being going on for weeks: they spoke of the iPhone 5S, the new improved version of the current iPhone, which will include fingerprint reader and a number of dramatic improvements; iWatch, the “smart watch” of the apple company that has been in the works for months.

In the end, yes it was  the “low cost” iPhone, the 5C , and a new and improved iPhone 5S. The iWatch, however, will have to wait for another day. Tim Cook took the stage. And after making the usual review of their major “stores” of the company and made reference to the iTunes Festival, announced that Apple next month will reach 700 million iOS devices sold worldwide.

The first part of the show was a review of the characteristics and potential of the new iOS7, the new version of the company’s operating system. Multitasking, Unified Control Center, improved Siri searches, which now include Twitter and Wikipedia … iOS7, Cook said, is destined to become the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The new operating system, he said, will be available from next September 18 and can be loaded on phones starting from the iPhone 4 and tablets from the iPad 2 (and of course, the iPad Mini).

Then came the most awaited moment. Within twenty minutes of the presentation, Cook started talking about the iPhone 5. “Last year, he said introduced a new iPhone and lowered the prices of the previous models. But will not do that this year.”

This time, the Apple ‘s CEO said  “he will replace the iPhone 5 two new models.”

The rumors were true. The iPhone 5S become a reality, a mobile physically very similar to the current iPhone, but with the silicone shell and available in five colors: blue, white, pink, yellow and green. Made with a new technique that uses a reinforced steel frame, The new iPhones 5C feature a 4-inch Retina display, A6 processor (manufactured by Apple) and a larger battery than the iPhone 5.

The rear camera is 8 megapixels with a zoom x3. And the front allows for HD videoconferencing . But the best, no doubt, is the prices. The 16GB model will cost $99 and the 32 GB, $199, as long as you sign two-year stay with the operator. We will have to see what price range the mobile will cost when it reaches this Europe. The colored sleeves will cost $29.

Note that this mobile is not so cheap if going without a contract. The 16GB iPhone 5C without contract and unlocked by the operator will cost $549 and $649 for the 32GB.

The second device, as expected, was the iPhone 5S . “There are so many innovations inside Phil Schiller said that commenting about it might take three years.” The new iPhone comes in three colors (black , gold and silver) and is made entirely of aluminum.

Incorporates the new Apple A7 processor, 64 -bit ARM SoC, the first 64-bit architecture with a mobile phone. Which, in plain language, means doubling the previous processor power, according to Tim Cook, multiplied by forty percent over the original iPhone .

All that ‘extra’ power was shown on stage running 64-bit games, which the phone was up to five times faster than the previous model with conventional games. Accompanying the new A7 , Apple has included in the phone a “moving coprocessor”, called M7, which will specifically related to gyroscope tasks, accelerometer, compass, etc …

In terms of autonomy, the new 5S greatly improves over its predecessor: 250 hours on standby, 10 hours talk time or internet connection and 40 hours of continuous music playback.

Taking a look at the camera, the new iSight incorporates a sensor which is 15% larger and a f2.2 aperture. iPhone 5S incorporates automatic image stabilization and is able to capture several photos at once, that is able to select the sharpest areas of each photo taken and then recompose the final image.

The new camera can also shoot video in slow motion, 120 frames per second (which will slow down the image without losing the fluidity of movement ) and 720p resolution.

Another advertised feature: fingerprint sensor, hidden behind a thin sapphire ring around the home button. Its name is Touch ID and can be used to unlock the iPhone so as to make purchases on iTunes without having to type the password each time.

The sensor can read up to two levels deep in the skin, no need to place your finger on a specific position to run. Just place your finger over it and technology support does the rest. The fingerprint, Apple says, will not be stored on any server, either within or outside the company. The double reading level enables also the sensor to recognize our fingerprint even if we have a wound on the finger. You can record more than one ID. All of which are stored in the A7 processor.

Apple ‘s new phones may pre ordered in ten countries (including China ) from the 20th of September. However, for those in Europe you will need to wait until December.

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