AMD: Working on limited 5GHz FX edition?

The Hexus blog has come out saying that AMD will be introducing its next FX flagship called the “Centurion”, this will be none other than a Vishera-based component that is set to run at very high speeds, 5GHZ just with air cooling . Those looking to get it best hurry as it will not be around much longer as it is a limited edition item, and like all limted edition products on the market it will come with a hefty price tag set at $795.


So how about this as a rumour for a Friday morning? Though AMD will never go on record and confirm this, we have it on good authority that the chip-maker will soon be releasing a super-FX chip. Based on the same ‘Vishera’ architecture powering the current FX-8350, which runs at up to 4.2GHz, this new FX, codenamed ‘Centurion’, is to be made available in very limited quantities.

This so-called Centurion is guaranteed to run at 5GHz, on air, though we don’t know exactly what voltage or supporting hardware will be required for this lofty speed.