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AMD will upgrade their cooling system to compete with Nvidia

It is quite possible that AMD has observed the latest video cards by Nvidia since the GTX 690 and within its latest Titan not to mention the  780 and the 770 these cards introduced a much more advanced cooling system that is more efficient than most cards that we have seen in the past. So the question remains what will AMD to to battle against this element?

amd-7970-reference card

At the recent Computex 2013 and also as reported by the German website, ComputerBase, AMD is preparing some notable changes to their cooling systems in the upcoming 8000 series they are actually going to adopt a similar model being used by Nvidia at this moment we don’t exactly know what type of system they are going to use. And of course nothing has been publicized nor do we have any images to back up our claim.
latest video cards
Just by testing various video cards throughout the years I can say that they are much better at it. A few years ago the top and video cards were incredibly loud, however that has changed as the newer cards are pretty quiet. Nvidia is currently sitting on its Titan and 700 series video cards as both of these have improved cooling systems, so we won’t have to wait much longer for AMD to release their video cards.

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