AMD Radeon 7990
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AMD Radeon HD 7990 officially launched

The official launch of AMD Radeon HD 7990 happened just a few days ago, of which we have been talking about lately. We now know its final specifications, and several assemblers did not want to wait any longer to that effect they have announced the launch of their Radeon HD 7990 custom models.

For some time, various assemblers such as PowerColor with their “Devil13” already had a dual Radeon HD7970, which is what basically amounts to the Radeon HD7990, but now that this card is official by AMD all assemblers have wanted to climb the bandwagon and have presented their models.

Assemblers such as PowerColor, Sapphire, MSI or Club3D have taken advantage to show their custom models, although they have rather little customization, since no model currently offers factory overclock and custom sink, much less a PCB itself. Each assembler has got hold of the AMD Radeon HD 7990, has put its logo and has put in its own box and packaging. Something exactly like that happened when NVIDIA released their famous Titan GTX.

You can see yourself in the next image. Did anyone notice any difference other than the boxes and logo of each assembler in the center of the fans ?

AMD Radeon 7990

Leaving aside these customizations, we can see the first analysis of this new beast from AMD. Here you have some:

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