AMD Polaris GPU still to be released in 2016, no Linux support

The up and coming AMD Polaris GPU continues to make headlines, the supposedly low cost GPU is expected to cost around $170. According to sources however the GPU is said to only support Windows for now.

He also said that Polaris products are 14nm GlobalFoundries made and old products will be replaced “while supplies last.”Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 will launch with DP1.3 spec connections. There will be high end gaming laptops with Polaris GPUs coming up for those who like powerful mobile computing.

AMD is sticking to its 2x performance per watt jump over existing hardware. HDR displays are expected to arrive in force in H2 2016 but it will be up to games developers to show an interest and build in such colour capabilities.

AMD said it was pleased that it has “lead in performance on every DX12 app/test so far” however he did warn that older AMD cards and next gen APIs might will never be totally % compliant with everything DX12 or Vulkan have to offer.