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AMD might be working on a hybrid APU x86-ARM

admin Dec 12

We mentioned a while ago that AMD was starting to work with ARM processors, and the natural next step of this architecture is obviously mobile devices and more specifically those based on Android operating system. Now we learn that AMD could be working on hybrid APUs  x86 -ARM with the intention of strengthening the relationship between Windows and Android environments.

We know that AMD partnered with the company Bluestacks to be able to run Android applications and games on Windows operating systems, and in fact the two companies are planning to launch a version of Bluestacks that is compatible with the Windows 8 ModernUI interface . It is also well known that AMD will come sooner rather than later in the segment of tablets, but AMD wants to go further to meet the needs of user , and now it says they are working on a hybrid APU x86 -ARM to step forward in the evolution of mobile devices.

The image below makes it quite clear the intention of the company:


At present there are already devices that run Windows and Android on the same hardware such as the Asus Transformer Book Trio, but these devices are still not able to integrate the functionality of both operating systems simultaneously. AMD wants to eliminate this limitation with its hybrid APU that combine x86 cores (possibly Puma ) with ARM cores (Cortex A57) and its own GCN  graphics. These APU be able to run Android applications natively under Windows, or at least in theory.

We say in theory because this integration will likely take some time for AMD and Bluestacks. At the end of the day they are two different architectures that not only depend on the hardware but also the software. Time will tell how this bet of AMD work out.

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