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AMD Launches Polaris GPU Architecture

Finally some good news for AMD, as they get ready to forge ahead with its Polaris GPU.[via]

AMD has officially turned on the hype machine for Polaris, its next generation GPU architecture that will eventually be the foundation of a new family of Radeon GPUs from top to bottom. In anticipation of its launch later this year, AMD has erected a dedicated Polaris page on its website that highlights the various technologies and features involved.

The new microsite also provides what looks to be the first glimpse of a naked Polaris GPU. It appears in a banner at the top of the pageā€”the GPU is seen floating in space surrounded by stars (Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor). It’s labeled “Polaris Architecture” and underneath it reads “Designed for FinFET” (we’ve blown it up above).

Lets not forget consoles will be eager to see what kind power it will provide. We know Microsoft is quite interested in trying to fit a Polaris GPU in its up and coming Xbox console.

Polaris GPU

Polaris Slide