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AMD is now associated with Raptr to launch AMD Gaming Evolved

admin Sep 9

Raptr is a free platform that aims to unify players from various platforms (Steam, PSN, Xbox Live,.. ) in one place, being able to contact friends via chat, get achievements, etc., During the GPU14 presentation yesterday, it was announced that AMD has partnered with Raptr to create the AMD Gaming Evolved, a system similar to NVIDIA GeForce Experience (which automatically adjusts settings gaming graphics hardware function ) but much broader and with its sights set considerably higher,
For starters, besides this unify format ( almost) all existing gaming platforms, Gaming Evolved will have many specific features that GeForce Experience does not:

Allow to browse the Internet, check twitter, facebook, etc,.. without having to exit the game or do ALT + TAB.
Will have its own benchmark utility, can measure the FPS in games and see previous history. Through this data will be collected in order to know what is the best graphic settings for each game depending on the hardware of each user. Unlike NVIDIA GeForce Experience, which changes the game settings automatically based on the recommendations of NVIDIA, Gaming Evolved will provide empirical data based on actual user,

It will have three levels of optimization : better visual quality, average, and better performance, while respecting a minimum rate of FPS.

The best part is that the Gaming Evolved BETA is now available for download. You have to keep in mind that it is still in beta, but still it is compatible with many of today’s games, such as : Aliens Colonial Marines, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Counter -Strike Global Offensive, Crysis 3, Diablo 3, Farcry 3, League of Legends, Dota 2, Neverwinter, Rift, Saints Row IV, Sleeping Dogs, Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft and many others. More games will be added to the list as the application will evolve.

The intention of AMD creating Raptr Gaming Evolved is to create a gaming experience as simple as its found in consoles but on a PC. What do you think ?

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