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AMD HD 7950, Specs and Benchmarks

admin Sep 9

The AMD HD 7950 is the second high end card to come out of AMD. Its code name is “Tahiti Pro” which comes to be about the same as the ” Tahiti XT ” , which after all is the 7970 but with one less computation module inside but, bringing over almost all benefits thereof. This CU (Compute Unit ) not included, leaves the 7950 with a total of 1792 unified shaders , 112 texture units , 32 ROPS , a memory bus of 384 bit and a total of 3GB of dedicated memory for graphics.


Besides these ” gaps ” of having one of its units turned off, also has some frequencies that are somewhat weaker than her older sister , down to the 800MHz for the GPU and 1250MHz ( 5000MHz effective) for the memory.

Here we have an official image to see the differences between 7970 and 7950. That, roughly, is a “nerfed ” 7970. (with a lower price)

7950-videocard-and the-7970 differences

For the curious, and tech savvy, here is an outline of what makes up the GPU entirely.


Next, we will mention the most popular models of 7950 by the manufacturers:

Sapphire: They range from reference to models with “Dual – X” cooler, now in production with the new bios with turbo, dubbed a “Boost ” and the recently introduced new “Vapor X ”

HIS Graphics: Like Sapphire has good models and one of the most amazing and effective heat-sinks also comes with a better factory Overclock than Sapphire as well as with the new bios.

MSI: Just two graphic cards, one with reference heat-sink and the other with its famous Twin Frozr III.

Gigabyte: And his famous Windforce 3 ventilation model, and overclock series.

XFX: Model that features its famous “DUAL FAN ” dissipation model and in-house overclock.

Asus: There are many models from reference model and some that feature their own bios with turbo up to the very big Direct Cu II.

Club 3D: Old and typical Nvidia assembler but currently is part of AMD (weird). Also features older models that have reached the shelves.

Powercolor: Speaking of AMD and not to mention them, it’s like not to mention AMD at all. Again with descriptions like above. Reference features, the classic “DUAL FAN” and other classic models with the patented Sapphire coolers.

Overclocking the HD 7950 . One of the most juicy and appetizing features of this new  “GCN ” architecture.

Now we will show what HD 7950 can do, with the help of some relevant data in performance with high end games. Although it has been an arduous task, we have seen results from seven titles plus one synthetic benchmark.

The tests where done on a 7950 Dual-X from Sapphire, with stock bios with a 810/1250Mhz frequencies and enhanced dissipation.

The test system:

– G1 Sniper 2 Z68 S1155 .
– Core i7 3770K @ 4200Mhz .
– 2x4GB G.Skill Trident X @ 2400Mhz .
1200/1470Mhz.”>- Sapphire HD 7950 810/1250 – > 1200/1470Mhz .
– Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium . Last official WHQL Drivers 12.8 .

Reference picture 7950 Dual-X from Saphire.


Let the tests and their results . The frequencies chosen, are in each table, going from normal reference models,  followed with an overclock, and beyond those offered by the manufacturer.

Something that you should keep in mind is that NOT all 7950 can usually achieve such frequencies.

AMD HD 7950 3D Mark 11 Benchmark:

AMD HD 7950 - 3D Mark benchmark

AMD HD 7950 Sleeping Dogs Benchmark: Maximum details, AA extreme, 1920x1080p

AMD HD 7950 - Sleeping dogs benchmark-1

AMD HD 7950 Sleeping Dogs Benchmark: Maximun details, AA High, 1920x1080p

AMD HD 7950 - Sleeping dogs benchmark

AMD HD 7950 Sniper Elive V2 Benchmark: Ultra preset, no Super Sample, 1920x1080p

AMD HD 7950 Sniper Elite V2 benchmark

AMD HD 7950 Dirt 3 Benchmark: Maximum details, 8XAA, 1920x1080p

AMD HD 7950 Dirt 3 benchmark

AMD HD 7950 Batman Arkham City Benchmark: High details, 4xMSAA, 1920x1080p

AMD HD 7950 - Batman Arkham City

AMD HD 7950 Crysis 2 DX11 Benchmark: Ultra preset, 4xAA, DX11, Edge Blur, High Resolution 1920x1080p

AMD HD 7950 - Crysis 2

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