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AMD Fiji XT said to have 8GB HBM1 memory, could work with VR technology

The new AMD Fiji XT core is the rumoured next big thing from the AMD camp and we are hearing that it will come with 8GB of HBM, with a dual GPU option available.


With two GPU’s at its disposal this could very well be a video card design for 4K gaming, Wccftech is saying that it will come in an HBM configuration meaning will technically be 4GB X2, the site is also claiming that the AMD Radeon R9 390X may not be the next card to come out from AMD. There is also the possibility that AMD could lead the way in the VR industry, with Oculus Rift looking to expand into the PC market, the Fiji XT core could be just what is needed for next gen VR gaming!



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