AMD announced that Battlefield 4 is a “AMD Gaming Evolved” title

AMD has announced that the next anticipated title from EA, Battlefield 4 will be a “AMD Gaming Evolved” game. What does this mean? Aside from what many will suppose that Battlefield 4 is optimized for AMD graphics cards (which makes sense since it will be a title not only for PC but also for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and both consoles are mounted on AMD hardware) could AMD also mean that Battlefield 4 will give away one of their bundles (possibly some unique series R 200 graphics cards).

Okay, we admit that the entire thing is abit murky right nowt. It was initially hoped that it wold have been added from the start, and then AMD confirmed  Never Settle Forever earlier than expected without Battlefield 4 (which is not out yet), but probably will leave doubts tonight during the event GPU 14 where AMD will present its new series of graphics cards dubbed “Volcanic Islands” and possibly a small bundle for this series which, unlike Never Settle Forever for its Radeon HD 7000 series, the same will take place in the next Battlefield 4.

AMD-Volcanic-Islands-video cards

Remember that these new AMD Volcanic Islands cards have 100% support for DirectX 11.1, something rumored Battlefield 4 will benefit (remember also that DirectX 11.1 will be exclusive to Windows 8).

In any case, as we have said before, we will no doubt find out this evening at the launch of the new series of graphics cards from AMD. Remember that you can follow this event live online.