Amazon giving users unlimited photo backup for $12 a year

If you are looking for a place to backup all those 24Megapixel photos taken with your brand new digital camera or SLR, Amazon might be the place to turn to if you want to backup your photos.

According to reports Amazon has modified its Cloud Drive subscription plan to offer unlimited photo storage for $12 a year, the only catch is that you can only have unlimited photos as there is a 5GB cap for other files. For an unlimited everything plan expect to pay $69 per year

Amazon-unlimited photo backup

This won’t be news if you already own an Amazon Fire tablet or are an existing member of Amazon Prime.

has announced its new subscription tiers for its online storage service, ‘Cloud Drive’, with one of the options offering up unlimited storage. Those with Amazon Prime or owners of an Amazon Fire device will already have access to unlimited photo storage, but now two extra tiers are available to non-Prime members.

The new Amazon service is only available in the U.S


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