Airplex Radical radiators are set to be released from Aqua Computers

The Airplex Radical is the new member of the series radiators from Aqua Computers, German brand with many products. It combines great performance and an attractive design with an equally attractive price and is constructed with no welding, so no tin residues, all that is in contact with the coolant is stainless steel, copper/aluminum and plastic delrin.

The Radical Airplex 2/360 is already on sale, and over the next few weeks will come in different sizes. In addition to Radical 2 Aqua Computer will also offer a larger one, the Radical 4 with four tubes of liquid refrigerant. Both models will turn in two variants, with aluminum or copper, and with sizes from 120 to 480mm

As for dimensions, the 2/360 measures 40mm of thickness by 140mm wide and 400mm long. The outer frames of the long sides are made of stainless steel while the frames of the short sides are finished in a dark chrome to give a twist to the overall finish.

Regarding prices, the Radical Airplex 2/360 with aluminum foil is available for 74.90 euros while the copper version can be purchased for 89.90. The prices of the models that are coming are not yet known.