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Acer releases its $2,400 portable Predator G1 desktop

Ok this is really weird, not sure what Acer is going for here..

The G1 gaming desktop is interseting, as it lets you configure an NVIDIA GTX Titan X. The “small and transportable” desktop also lets you choose up to 64GB of RAM, as well as your choice of Intel’s sixth-generation processors, up to a 512GB SSD or a 4TB mechanical hard drive. With the hardware on offer, it should come as no surprise that the G1 is ready for VR. The deskto will be available in June with a base price of $2,299.

The Predator Z1 is a 27-inch curved monitor with NVIDIA’s G-Sync, which prevents screen tearing by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the frames rendered by the video card in real-time.

acer g1