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Acer Announces its 4K XB280HK monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync technology

admin May 5

Announced in October last year, the G-Sync Nvidia technology will make its appearance soon (hopefully the first compatible with G-Sync monitors will be released at the latest in June this year), and one of the first compatible products with it will be the Acer XB280HK monitor.

The Acer XB280HK monitor is the first monitor 4K that support G-Sync in the industry and is aimed for a gamer audience, offering a free experience from tearing and also is able to minimize unwanted stuttering effect (as long as it is used in combination equipped with a graphics card with GPU support for GeForce G-Sync: Geforce GTX 650 Ti Boost, GeForce GTX 750 or higher and equipped with DisplayPort 1.2 output).

G-Sync-monitorNew Acer monitor for gamers offers a 4K gaming experience free from tearing and stuttering.

The company touts the following features:

  • Flicker-less technology — stable power supply eliminates screen flicker particularly beneficial for heavy users by helping to reduce eye strain.
  • Low dimming technology — adjust to as low as 15 percent brightness in low light environments to make it easy on the eyes. Standard monitor settings start at 30 percent brightness level.
  • ComfyView technology — the non-glare panel reduces reflection from light source.


According to Betanews the monitor has no pricing structure as of yet:

If you are in the market for a new 4K monitor, you might as well aim to get G-SYNC technology, even if you aren’t a gamer — depending on the price of course.

Unfortunately, pricing is not yet available and the markets will be limited to Pan America, EMEA, Japan, and Taiwan in Q2 2014.


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