A model of the iPhone 6 which confirms its larger screen is leaked

Every time just before the rumors start regarding a new iPhone. Since last year we have started to see the first signs and leaks over the summer, we now reach the first image of what could be the shape of the new iPhone 6. Dozens have been the amount of exercise design and mockups we’ve seen in recent months. But what comes to us today is a model of a prototype going around …you be the judge

iphone-6-photo-leak iphone-6-front-leak

Macrumors is reporting:

The dummy unit depicted in the photos carries a screen size of approximately 4.7 inches if relative sizing compared to the iPhone 5s shown next to the model is accurate. That size is in line with circulating rumors, with the company also rumored to looking at even larger version with a display in the range of 5.5-5.7 inches.