9 Free tools to spy on your online competition

  1. Google TrendsA classic. To analyze the notoriety of a brand in any market, through searches carried out the term of the brand.
    •    Strengths. You can add various competitors and make a simultaneous comparative. The tool performs a geographical breakdown and also notes that match newsworthy events and relevant moments of visibility in searches.
  2. Alexa Spy on your competition 2Provides information on the global ranking of the website of the competitor, and in a specific market and its evolution over time, to assess brand awareness. Also, data on the geographical origin of visits, bounce rate of the website, average time spent and pages users view, what visit within the Web and then visited, which will help us understand their behavior within the page. It includes visits percentage of search terms (SEO), search terms and demographic data from the audience.
    •    Strengths. Very intuitive, the free version is quite complete and no registration is required.
  3. Open Site Explorer Spy on your competition 3Developed by Moz, identifies the internal and external links to any website (backlinks) at the page level, subdomain or main domain. To check what is the authority of a site and its potential positioning and volume of internal and external links, the main sources of link anchor text (or anchor text) from which is linked to the Web, Domain page with most links, the type of link (dofollow or nofollow) …
    •    Strengths. The free version includes the option to compare the basic metrics simultaneously with up to four websites display. The PRO version also provides for $ 99 a month, social data from Facebook, Twitter and Google + 1 and an unlimited number of reports.
  4. Majestic SEO Spy on your competition 4Used to decipher the strategy of backlinks of a website: provides information on external links, anchor terms, reference domains … Even without the possibility of simultaneous comparison to other websites.
    •    Strengths. The free option provides a location map of the domains reference links, plus graphs of evolution of external links in the last 60 days: perfect for a possible campaign to identify fraudulent purchase of links on a web of competition … and send a “Report Spam” to Google through its herramientapara webmasters. Payment options are also included from $ 39.99 per month.
  5. Woorank Provides comprehensive information on any web site visitors, impacts on social networks, characteristics of the mobile version, SEO, external links, usability, speed, load, similar domains available … Though the free option only provides a weekly report. The plans are from $ 49 a month.
    •    Strengths. Among the data analyzed are the traffic volume, the position in the world ranking and in Spain, the location of visitors and socio-demographic profile, the impact on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, the load time on mobile devices the availability and optimization of the mobile version, redirects, canonization of IP, title tags, description and keywords, PageRank, Google competitors … clearly points out the points to be revised, and provides practical advice to improve search engine rankings.
  6. SEOQuakeToolbar available for Firefox, and Google Chrome (beta) Opera and Safari. For information on the Page Rank, Google Index, ranking Alexa internal and external links, how many times shared the contents of the web on Twitter and Facebook, keyword density, meta …
    •    Strengths. It is a free browser extension and very easy to install, which also can be customized. Disclose the information instantly from every website.
  7. KeywordSpy Used to  find out how you are designing any web campaign in Google Adwords, Bing / Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing. Reveals the organic and PPC keywords you are using the competition, copies of advertisements, the average cost per click (CPC) (calculated from Google API), the duration of the campaign …
    •    Strengths. Available to analyze sites in 28 countries, including Spain. Payment options (from $ 90 a month) include information campaigns even affiliate competition.
  8. SEMRush Provides extensive information on SEO and SEM traffic of a website, the approximate monthly budget one should invests in Adwords campaigns, organic and PPC keywords with approximate cost per click, copy ads, traffic generated via Adwords and organic positioning, Adwords competitors … And also, data from Facebook Ads: advertising campaigns, creatives and landing pages.
    •    Strengths. SEMRush is a comprehensive tool for analyzing keywords. In the case of Facebook Ads, it includes information about ad impressions (plus creativity). The free version is quite complete, but there are plans for prices starting at 90 per month.
  9. Similar Web Supplements the information in the above tools with very specific data on traffic sources (direct, referral, social, emailing campaigns, display), interests of the audience, monthly evolution of the visits, geographical distribution, main organic keywords and payment etc.
    •    Strengths. No registration is required, the free version is very complete and graphics are very visual and easy to interpret.