5 ways to get natural backlinks to your blog

Getting organic search traffic to our website is what everyone tries to achieve. But it’s really hard to get search traffic from search engines if we don’t have good position in search ranking. And we all know that to get a better search rank we need as many backlinks as possible. And backlinks also helps us to increase google page rank.

But at the same time you should know that some types of backlinks like links from comments, links from side bars, links from blogrolls, links from blog posts aren’t all the same in quality. According to SEO guru’s the best backlink is in the form of a text backlink that means the backlink which comes naturally within a blog post. So backlinks from blog post is more natural and quality to google and google loves it. But it’s not easy to get links from blog posts. Here we shown 5 ways to get natural text backlinks from blog posts.

  1. Write reference type of post: To get top quality natural backlinks the first impression should be writing quality content. We all know that content is king. But now a days quality content should be created with frequency. Even though people don’t have time to read that much. So writing only quality content isn’t good enough to attract others to link to your post. But people still link to reference types of post. So you should write quality reference types of post which people will link as reference within their blog post.
  2. Guest blogging: Basically what this means is writing on others blogs. And we all know guest blogging is a great way to get quality backlinks to our site. Yes guest blogging is one of the best ways to get text backlinks to our site. Normally bloggers will allow us to put one or two links of our site in the author bio section. But if we are venturing towards guest blogging we should keep in mind that we should submit guest post only to blogs with same niche.
  3. Article marketing: There are lots of high ranked dofollow article directories out there. You may write keyword rich post and submit them along with lots of article directories. And most of the directories allow one or two backlink to your site in author bio section. But always try to submit your post in high ranked directories like ezinearticles.
  4. Do interviews: This is one of my most favourite ways to get top quality backlinks from popular high ranked blogs. A person always wants to expose themselves in any way. So when you will ask for an interview from other blogger in your niche, they mostly will agreed to do one. And when you will publish their interview on your blog, they will share it in their network and also they will link to your interview in their blog post. When I publish any interview, I get a backlink to my interview from that blogger’s blog post. And that gives not only backlinks to my blog but also targeted traffic to my blog. So you may also try this tips by taking doing interviews of some of the popular blogger in your niche.

    Write a review of other blog: Suppose any blogger has written an excellent review of your blog that really attractive. What will you do then? I am quite sure you will be really pleased on that blogger and you will be excited to share that interview with your readers and you will link to that interview in your post. Right? So that’s true for other blogger too. If you write top quality review of other blogs and if that blogger get noticed, he or she will surely link back to it. But one thing you should keep in mind that if you write interview of biggest fish in your world you won’t get backlink. If you write a review of problogger, mashable or shoemoney I am quite sure you won’t get backlink. Because they already getting lots of review daily. So you should write review of some popular blogs but not too much popular.

  5. Make a list of bloggers: People like to get rewards. So you may make a list of your favourite blogs with a description and mention why you like those blog and why your readers will like those too. If you make a list of the 10 top bloggers. I am sure 5 or 6 of them will link back to your site from that list.

Here I have just listed the way to get backlinks from blog posts since these kinds of links are the best quality links. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Have I missed any other ways? Please do share with us.