Windows 8

5 Productive Windows 8 Applications to use with your new tablet

Decibel Meter
Decibel Meter-windows 8

Are the students in your classroom loud ? Why not give students a tool to know how loud it really is, and vice versa, how quietly it should be, in order to effectively teach. After all, there is nothing easier than to just point the tablet towards the class to measure how loud it is. And then the same application can be used for teaching physics. Two birds with one stone.

Algebra Touch
Algebra Touch windows 8

A very interesting way to bring kids to mathematics. Makes math easy to learn with the shown examples that are available in addition to explaining the procedure and offers lots of particular examples, each of the objects within the examples can be taken and moved elsewhere so as to resolve the questions. Unlimited random practice problems. 20 lessons to guide you. Create your own problems to solve.
Fotor - windows 8

Many of you got from Santa Claus that tablet you always wanted and you certainly took lots of photos by now. Now comes the time to edit them, to filter, to improve and show them. One of the best apps that can do this is Fotor. It offers dozens of options to edit your photos, add frames, creating collages and much more. All models designed for touch control.
Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop - windows 8

Remote Desktop has been part of Windows for quite some time. But its control is intended primarily for keyboard and mouse. Therefore, in the Windows Store we can now find a touch version, which will work well to connect to remote computers via your Microsoft Tablet. An added bonus is how easily you can switch between connected computers and improves its optimization according to the quality of the connection.

PicsArt - windows 8

Another Windows 8 application that allows you to edit your photos or just transferred them from a digital formatĀ  to the web. PicsArt supports many external resources and services from which you can directly upload photos via its application, lets you apply dozens of effects, editing images in the form of filters and instantly create collages as well as providing inspiration and view from a lot of pictures from other users.

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