4 Easy steps on how to use a PS3 controller on a PC

use a PS3 controller on a PC -1
Plug in Plug the PS3 controller into the PC using a USB cable. This allows Windows to detect it and
install the default drivers. Now you can install the Xbox 360 driver on top of that from microsoft.com/

use a PS3 controller on a PC -2
Download To make this work with a Playstation controller, you need a wrapper for the XInput interface.
The most popular one is MotionInJoy, but there’s a much better one here: http://bit.ly/1cb28eT. It’s a 7Zip, so you’ll need 7Zip Opener from the Windows App Store.

use a PS3 controller on a PC -3
Install Extract the zip file to your desktop. You can delete the Source subfolder. The files you want are in Bin. Run ScpDriver and click ‘Install’. If you want to use the PS3 controller wirelessly, you’ll need a laptop with Bluetooth, or a Bluetooth dongle. But you can also use it perfectly via USB.

use a PS3 controller on a PC -4
Run Run the ScpServer program to enable the XInput wrapper and then leave it running while you start
your game. If you want to check that it’s all working fine and dandy, you can also run the SCPUser app
that you’ll find in the bin/Win32 or bin/Win64 subfolders.