3DMark Sling Shot, benchmark for next gen mobile devices

We’ve always welcomed new benchmark tools as these are good tools to assess the power of a new device, and we are definitely going to be seeing lots of them this year such as the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is why Futuremark is looking forward to the future, and recently has released one of  the most demanding benchmark tools for Android.


Futuremark already has a few benchmark tools for Android: 3DMark and PCMark both are two great tools.

We love to see what our favorite tablet of smartphone scores in various benchmarks sometimes it will mean the difference in buying one or not, and the guys behind 3DMark have thought it would be nice to return continue to push our Android devices with a new test to squeeze every last drop of performance it has.

This is why they have released: Sling Shot, a benchmark tool that will push our latest Android tablets to the max. Sling Shot has the same structure as 3DMark, it rates devices in the same way, but the test itself It is much harder: now comes with massive 3D scenes recreated in OpenGL ES 3.1.

Here is a good example of 3D Mark Sling Shot, running in an Nvidia Shield tablet.

In case you are interested in trying it for yourself, 3DMark Sling Shot can be downloaded for free from Google Play: no restrictions or payments within the application. The only requirement is to have Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, 1GB of RAM and 311MB of extra space.

Download here.

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