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3D NAND technology promises 10TB SSD drives by 2016

admin Mar 3

Intel and Micron have teamed up to create the new NAND 3D technology, that will bring the biggest memory size, in the smallest possible configurations. One use for this technology could be in ultra portables, data centers, mobile phones and of course tablets.

Intel claims that we could soon see 3.5 terabyte drives the size of a pack of gum, and as far as SSD drives go, the company claims we could soon see 10 TB SSD drives, the technology relies on stacking up layers of flash cells.

Nand SSD

While the future looks promising, don’t expect to see these super sized SSD drives on the market just yet, as arstechnica recently stated “Still, if you remember our look at Intel’s latest NUC and at the M.2 connector that most PCs will be using for their SSDs, you know that denser NAND means larger drives in smaller packages. Today’s smallest, 42mm-long M.2 drives can only squeeze in 256GB of flash memory, but these newer cells promise much higher capacities. Go up to an 80mm-long drive, and you might be able to get closer to that 3.5TB capacity.

The 256 gigabit version of the 3D NAND chips is sampling today, while the 384 gigabit version will be sampling “later this spring.” Both versions will go into production at the end of the year and should begin appearing in consumer devices in early 2016.”




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