“2045 initiative” to make humans immortal by the year 2045

2045 initiative to make humans immortal by the year 2045

Ever dreaded the day when man might develop immortality, the day when the whole Earth would descend into chaos and when the very basic foundations of our society would be overturned? – the principle of life and death. According to a Russian Billionaire and his team of scientists and researchers, that day isn’t so far off – by 2045 we could live forever.

The “2045 Initiative” sets out a very basic framework for achieving immortality. Led by Dmitry Itskov, a media mogul worth in excess of $ 1 billion, he claims by using a structured “Avatar” like program we can successfully create human immortaility in four stages by 2045.

The four stages involve different levels of immortality. The first stage is robotic immortality, where you can control the robotic copy of yourself remotely – this is achievable by 2015-2020. The second stage involves immortality of the mind, by transplanting the brain to one of these robotic copies. The third stage is an avatar with an artificial brain, your personality and contents of your mind are transferred to this so you can live on. The final stage, achieved by 2040-2045, involves a hologram like avatar where humans can exist for eternity.

(you can see the plan in the attached image)

Unsurprisingly the cost of the project is gargantuan. Money is needed in staggering amounts so Itskov is appealing to the world’s richest to donate to the project and help immortality become real. The is no real target figure for funding, just as much as can be achieved – the more money the faster the progress will be (in theory).

The project is quite complex and detailed, so if you’re interested you can read a lot more here.

What are your thoughts on using technology to create immortality? Let us know in the comments. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was all just a big hoax…



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