10 Ubuntu applications for productive blogger

Feeds, images, reviews, e-mails, editing, re-editing, composing – all of them and a lots more are part of a bloggers daily routine. After a few months of blogging experience, here is a list of top 10 applications which I use to blog when on Ubuntu. I have excluded Firefox and its add ons from the list, because I will making another post for that.

Liferea – It is a news aggregator for GTK/Gnome. Even though it does not offer a lot of  features, it is still a powerful, fast and clean RSS aggregator. It is also present in Ubuntu repository. Powerful, fast and clean are main reasons why I use Ubuntu in first place. And, I avoid KDE applications under Gnome, therefore Liferea is good choice to do all my feeding.

GNOME Do – Don’t Search, Do! It is not just a launcher. Send emails and IMs, play music, ssearch the web, and launch applications too. It is just a killer application in my opinion. I am so addicted to it that once, I pressed Win+Space to lower my air conditioner’s temperature.

Filezilla – FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface. If you have a self hosted blog, a FTP Client is a must. It can do all the work which is expected of a good FTP-Client. Filezilla is open-source and cross platform. I use it on windows too.

Virtual Box 2.0 – As I try a lot of various linux distributions, a very productive way of doing it is through virtualization. And for it, I consider Virtual Box, the best option. To run Virtual Box 2.0 on Ubuntu, here is the installation guide. I also use it virtualize Windows XP.

CheckGmail – I use my Gmail ID for for every purpose. Getting emails on desktop as they arrive is far more productive than checking Gmail account everyday. This make me instantly reply to comments which I get on my blog.

Gimp + Inkscape Combo – The combo is a blessing for open source community. I do all my image editing with the G+I combo. Earlier I was used to Photoshop but when I switched Ubuntu, Gimp and Inkscape were the ways to go. Till now ,there isn’t a thing which I could do on Photoshop and could not do it with Gimp.

KompoZer – Although, KompoZer is a complete Web Authoring System but I only use it for creating static content for my blog using its WYSIWYG web page editing capabilities.

Pidgin + Plugins – The list is almost uncomplete without Pidgin. Every body have buddies bloggers or non-bloggers, connect with your buddies via Pidgin. Here is list of must have plug-ins from lifehacker.

Twitux – Twitux is a lightweight client for the twitter messaging service, featuring timeline auto updating, a tray area icon and notification of new messages. Since, Adobe Air hasn’t released its final version for Linux, I would stay with Twitux for now.

Rythmbox – What a better way to keep you going than music? And for music on Ubuntu, I love Ubuntu’s own Rythmbox. Always on during my blogging sessions(and when I am not blogging too).

And the final addition to my list (10+1) would be pen and paper. I still use the traditional pen & paper to draft my posts.

Apart from the above list I wished I could use Adobe Air applications. Another, application that I am trying to find is for Screencasts. I have not mentioned any blog writing tools because I find it easier to post my blogs directly.

What applications do you use for blogging? Or suggest me better applications that I am already using.

Note : Apart from Virtual Box 2.0, all the other applications can be found in Ubuntu repository.

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